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[part-1] 10 Words from Computer Dictionary

PART 1 : Computer Dictionary 4k,cookie, ftp, responsive website, server,voip,vpn and two step verification

  1. 4k : video with resolution of at least 3840×2160 pixels.
  2. Brute force attack : A method of breaking encryption by simply guessing all possible password until the right one is found.
  3. Cookie: A small text file stored on your computer by a website. used to store browsing preferences website log in details and so on.
  4. FTP: File transfer Protocol. A system for transferring files between computers.
  5. MBps vs mbps: Mega Byte per second vs megabit per second means 1MB=8mb.
  6. Responsive Site: A website that automatically adjusts its content and navigation to suit the device that its being display on.(if anyone want to make website please contact us 😀 )
  7. Server: a computer on a network, such as the internet that distributed information to other computer.
  8. Two-step Verification: a system that uses two different means to identify the user.
  9. VoIP: voice over IP, the routing of voice conversation over the internet. which is cheaper than the telephone network.
  10. VPN: Virtual Private Network. A technology  for keeping all internet communication safe and private even on insecure networks.

hi! Friends get 10 dictionary knowledge about computer related every week and make your brain little bit GEEKY!


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