5 Search Engine May You Don’t Know About It [seo]


 You Don’t Know About Other Search Engine

In This World, More than 80% to 90% people search on GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING. but what are about other search engines? So what is their functionality make them perfect in their field?

  1. SOCIAL SEARCH ENGINE: SCOUR.COM this is the best search engine for social networks. It helps for searching twitter or facebook public, profile, groups easily.(its take some load when you search on it)
  2.  PEOPLE FINDER ENGINE: PIPL  This engine finds people on the internet. if you type info about anything, location, occupation its will so appropriate information about that.
  3. Q/A  SEARCH ENGINE: Answer / answers.yahoo  / QUORA This Site Finds Special answers about your questions.It’s Good Platform for ask anything.It’s Collaborate in many languages. Here You can search By Categories, its represent everything as collective.
  4. CALCULATION SERCH ENGINE: WOLFRAMALPHA : it’s very useful to find scientific term, project, calculation etc.(click here to find best info about facebook VS GOOGLE) ,Its Find Page Calculations, information, calculation, computational task, comparison, etc. It’s very useful for teenagers, who are working on any project where needs much numeric information about anything.

So Now, Use that all one by one. It’s very useful if any best site please suggest in a comment. Till then, Keep in touch with us!



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