Accomplish : new minimalist to-do task organizer

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Somtimes we confused with our work list and cant organize  our work simply.and then we install some android apps like Todoist,, keeps , thats are good but we need more simple efficient tools which can manage our hour to hour daily plans. To accomplish that use

There are  simple step to do.

  1. create a task
  2. then set it on alarm
  3. see today list and if you want to watch organize future dates simply click on date calendar will pop from up side.

you can create tasks in task section. then you easily drag them on  any date and after setting that alarm time. you can add alram reminder also . That is. very very simple task organizer. watch this video :

Its look very attractive and simple.there are no many options,settings and submenu, so not any mess of events, task. I am thinking that this is simplest tool will my best task organizer.


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