Add Default Download & Document Folders to Start Menu Windows 10


New Windows Start menu combination of windows 7 and 8. with a new facility.

In start menu default display recently used apps,power button, file explorer and etc. but as we seen in windows 7 have different default folder like document, downloads, music etc. that not display in this. for that windows 10 define a different setting option for that.

Start menu in Windows 10 is highly customize without using an additional software. You can change the color, make it transparent, remove most used and recently added groups from the Start menu using personalize section.

lets we add default folder like documents, downloads, music, videos


Add downloads and documents folders to Start menu Windows 10 

  1. Right-click on the desktop>> click Personalize option.Capture
  2. Now one window popup that click on left side option called  Start >>  Now, on the right side, click on Choose which folders appear on Start.2
  3. Turn on the folders that you  like to see on the Start menu. and folders will appear on  Start menu.
  4. To remove this folders from the Start menu, you need to  following above mentioned procedure again and click to turn off.

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Which folder you have added?


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