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Best Free Hard Drive Eraser Also Wipe Free Space

We’ve all heard the horror stories about someone buying a used hard drive at a flea market or garage sale and then finding tons of personal data left on the drive by the previous owner. When you delete a file it isn’t really removed from the disk. The file content remains on the disk until another file is written over it. Basically the same thing happens when you re-format a hard drive. Most of the data remains; the space on the drive is just made available to be written over.

Recommendations: Dealing with the Risk

To be as safe as possible, you must overwrite/erase/wipe both the slack space and free space. heare show some list of software which one helps you to wipe your drive.

  1.  Eraser allows you to easily add  tasks to securely erase selected  files and folders, unused disk space  (aka free space), cluster tips (aka  slack space), and the recycling bin. Eraser can overwrite the data area with your choice of a variety of random data patterns.
  2. CCleaner is a unique and useful file shredder because it cleans a number of places where data can secretly lurk. It will help you scrub data left behind by web browsers and other applications (windows explorer, system temporary files, and excess files created by applications/utilities/windows). These are difficult to find and erase on your own, so CCleaner has advantages over other file shredders. Before it can erase the junk files that it finds, you must set it to erase what it deletes (Options > Settings > “Secure File Deletion”).
    ccleaner wiper setting

    It wipes the free space of a drive in “Tools” with a “Drive Wiper” (preset with four erasing methods). It also allows you to automatically wipe the free space during its normal cleaning: select “Wipe Free Space” (scroll down in the Windows tab to Advanced) and “Run Cleaner”, but you still have to manually check/uncheck the “Wipe Free Space” option (to avoid waiting a lengthy time every time it runs).

  3. File Shredder – Despite its name, it has both free space wiping and file shredding capabilities. File Shredder has a small download size, simple interface, and it’s very easy to use. It’s a lot lighter than Eraser.

Do you have any other tips for securely wiping a drive without obliterating its operating system, or do you have any favorite tools to share? Leave a comment below.

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