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Best viewed Ads From February 2015 lets watch

 1. Clash of Clans: Revenge – views 47KK FB share: 53K Twit: 21K

2. adidas: Take It – 30KK FB share: 4k twit:7K

3. Nissan 2015 “With Dad” – 22kk FB share: 8K twit:6k

4. Official 2015 FIAT 500X “Blue Pill” – 47KK fb share:10k twit: 2k

5. Android: Friends Forever – 12KK fb share: 1.11K twit:15K

6. Official 2015 Jeep – 12kk FB share:5k twit: 2K

7. 2015 Budweiser #ThisBudsForYou – 11kk FB share:4k twit:1K-2K

8. Microsoft Braylon O’Neill – 6KK fbshare:1k twit:1k

9 GoPro: Owl Dance-Off – 5k fb share:12k twit: 3K

10 GoPro: Pole Vaulting with Allison Stokke – 4K fbshare: 2k twit:1k

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