Download Angry Birds 2 for Android and iOS [Games]


Download Angry Birds 2 for Android and iOS Games

After long time an angry bird is back with season 2 I mean new featured angry bird 2. AS we all know angry bird first sequel is very popular. what birds, piggy, blast, laugh nice game for long time pass, the best feature of angry bird 2 is it’s totally free.. What ! yes totally download link given in end of article so don’t worry to find links 😉

It’s available for download click here:

Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds 2
Price: Free+
Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds 2
Price: Free+


What is game play?

Nothing, you have just clear stage  10 by 10 and so one, when you win the stars you get one bird, that help you in next stage. and as we all know what we will do in this game? JUST SHUT THE PIGGY and their construction too get more points. you also get two more features that first one is replay of last game. and you get cards every stage complete so


Multi-segment stages:

means when you will clear first part of stage its scroll game right side to another parts. for more you should play a game, otherwise danger secret will be revealed!




New Challenge Every Time: In this games, tower structure totally get changed. so you can’t use same thought for every stage., you need to play some puzzles idea

Destructo-Meter: At the top right of game, you will see thunder sign that denotes how maximum you damages PIGISTRUCTION(pig construction).if you file that you get extra bird spells


Spells: Its like power packs for you like Golden Duck, its rain ducks on piggy.use this one when you can’t chase your stage because its hardly needed in boss stages.




there many feature like see video ads for replay games, arena  where you play online endless angry bird
have You Downloaded Angry Birds 2? Yes.if you like puzzles,casual games, you should try once Angry Birds 2 right now. It’s completely free, Which Is Your Favorite Level?


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