How to set facebook video quality HD to SD video [tips tricks]

facebook hd video to sd video qualityThere are many extensions or javascript available for download facebook videos and set youtube default video quality. but are there anything for change facebook  video quality? yes, it’s.

in facebook new feature setting is that video in this you can set video quality to SD to HD Versa HD to SD. for that no need any extension or add-on to your browser.this feature is really helpful for those people who have less bandwidth network connection.even you can also change it sd to hd easily. but their limitation is that it’s only applicable on facebook video lets ,see

step by step guide change facebook video default settings.
  1. Login your facebook page then after go to setting page.facebook videos setting step 1
  2. go to the menu on the left and then click “Videos”.facebook videos setting step 2
  3. under  “Video Settings”>> “Video Default Quality” and then set the quality to SD or HD. (SD =standard video quality, HD = high definition video quality.)facebook videos setting step 3

so, friends, that is. so try it now. and comment below if you have any type of suggestion or idea. thanks for with us.



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