How to add offline cache mode in chrome [chrome]

Google Chrome supported an offline cache mode in chrome now, this feature is hidden for normal chrome lovers, so to day i am reveal you,that will  find behind flag in chrome browser’s Chrome://flags page.How to add offline cache mode in chrome [chrome]
This will help when some site unavailable or internet connection drop and resource can’t load properly or etc ,at that time display it cache in your browser just click on “show saved copy” button on “not available” screen that you can click and cached copy of the page in chrome.

How to add offline cache mode in chrome [chrome]

this feature May be come with CHROME Version 37  that means not need to activate this from flag page.

To enable offline cache mode in chrome follow this steps

paste this link in browser:

chrome://flags/#enable-offline-load-stale-cache– if enabled,This is link help when the “show saved copy” button is display on the error page. It is enabled you can disable it from preference.

  1. chrome://flags/#enable-offline-auto-reload – If enabled, Chrome will  track of pages that you visit while offline. e if you visit a link on a cached page that is not cached. The page fails to load. Chrome remembers the page and download can access it next time the Internet becomes unavailable.

Caution:Its works when you have not delete any cache.. if you are removing cache at regular basis it will not display  whole site put  in limited use.

What are your thoughts on this tricks? Do you see it as a helpful post for increasing your browsing speed without internet connection? Have you tried it or will you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments


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