how to find lost stolen mobile with Android Device Manager

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how to find lost stolen mobile with Android Device Manager.

Ohh! No My Mobile Get Stolen! How i will get it again Don’t Worry. if you will do this steps, you will helpful you.

There are many app out in Market For TRACK YOUR MOBILE DEVICE. somtimes it was simply left somewhere or lifted you weren’t paying attention.

for that using only this app

Apple Iphone

Android Devices

Find My Device
Find My Device
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

this app by default installed on andorid device if that not enable you can enable by using this mathods:


  • Launch the Google Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap Security (you may not need this step).
  • Under Android Device Manager, enable both checkmarks.

How to works Android Device Managers?

  1. go to its dashboard.
  2. you get this screen with all devices list.find lost stolen mobile phone android device manager
  3. Ring devices: which make your device ring at max volume for 5 minutes. This will work even if its on silent/vibrate!
  4. Lock: pop up come for new password, and immediately locks the device with passwords, and your mobile lockscreen get changed password and get this feature is especially useful.
  5. Erase: its like dynamite!. Its Force a factory reset on the device, and erase all apps, music, photos every thing and at last,it will happen the next time it comes online. but use this last option when you get any way for find your phone.

watch how its works in video!

Do you have any another best app name in place for when your devices are lost or stolen? share your opinion. comment us below

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