How to Find Your WiFi Password Which you Forgot

How to Find Your WiFi Password Which you Forgot

In windows, it Stored yours all WiFi password  to backup for further when PC connects to Wi-Fi, no need to enter the password again and agin in it. and its make us lazy .and sometimes we forget our WiFi password.

so easiest way to find WiFi passkey is wirelesskeyview . its freeware software from Nirsoft company. it scans all WiFi passkey from you PC and display with SSID of Network.

even you can export key file also. let’s watch this video:

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Other Tricks Step by step guide.

  1. download wirelesskeyview: click here
  2. then unzip archive and click on wirelesskeyview.exe
  3. you see all saved WiFi password on your this application.
  4. finish

Other Tricks Without any software:

  1. press win key+ R then type “ncpa.cpl”.
  2. right click on wifi icon>>status>>wireless security properties..
  3. In there first tab connection display current/last SSID of WiFi and 2nd tab show security key here you find network key tick on show characters
  4. Finish

I hope you understand this step, once watch a video if you want more guide.

Have you tried this wirelesskeyview for scan all WiFi password? please comment below. if any suggestion and idea please contact us. thank you for reading the post.



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