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how to make screen saver using irfanview [desktop]

Are you thinking about make some screensaver of your family photos? but do not know how to make it.. let’s cool down your thought here is small trick about that

first of all read this post and watch this video:

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step by step guide:

  1. Install IrfanView [download from official site  click here]
  2. after that  go to file>Thumbnails (press T)
    Screenshot (3)
  3. select multiple files from a pop-up Window and after select file>save selected file as a slideshow and close window.
    Screenshot (4)
  4. now press file>slideshow (press w)
  5. then set 2 option first select random after 5 seconds, Screenshot (4)
  6. last, click “save slideshow as exec/SCR then save SCR file on the desktop or wherever you want.
  7. select create SCR file option and click on CREATE button.
    Screenshot (6)
  8. now go to that file right click on it> select 3rd option INSTALL then set configuration on pop-up windows and click ok and apply and your screen saver ready
    Screenshot (7)
    ave you made you own screen  after read and watch this article? click below and comment it we are waiting for that thanks for read full article.


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