how to remove adware or ads virus from pc [tips recommanded]

legit-adwcleanerAre you seeing many new ads on a screen when open browsers or visiting any sites? Sometimes show extra adds in google search too.It might be Clever search OR Wordsurfer and Quicksurf, that all are adware. this applications are actually run the bunch of ads attack on PC and slow down your PC. you can’t leave without restart your PC. at last, you thought to format your pc. but wait. that is little problem you can easily solve it and remove adware.

 you have to install AdWcleaner (click here to download) click here to download)on your pc. than  run that software and clean all the adware folder from the pc.

Benefits of run this ADWcleaner on PC, Its remove this type of virus in seconds:

  1.  remove adware and ads display from your installed browsers.
  2. all repack/bundled software(unwanted software) (PUP/LPI)
  3. spyware, keylogger, bot.
  4. toolbars that install automatically with software.
  5.  high jacker homepages for your pc.


watch this video may be you understand more:
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step by step guide:

  1. Download the AdwCleaner and open
  2. click the Scan option then wait until the scan completes
  3. and then clicking the Clean button.
  4. AdwCleaner now removes any spyware on your computer.
  5. Close browser during the cleaning process.
  6. Once it’s complete, prompt will come to restart the computer.
  7. Click the OK button and wait for the computer to reboot.
  8. after reboot you showing see a log file of the completed scan .

that work very lightly and totally free download it. tell me its work for you? if any type of questions this article related please comment below.


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