How To select A Good Secure Passwords

Nowadays too many online applications available. and its hard to remember all password with different patterns. So, Many Users set a cheap password so they easily lost their online account passwords. means hacked.Read this article how to set good secure passwords on your account.

there are too many ways to create a good password for your account,  Its Take Too many years to break by Super Computer, and it’s  easy to remember too.

Tip 0: check here how many days or seconds take your password to cracked.

when I check my password its says 325 billion years to crack it, ‘s enough to me.

Tip 1: USE ALPHA+NUM+SYBOL in your password

alphabet password is taken only 30 minutes to 2 hrs to break. its hard to break alphanumeric but mostly hard is to break in 10 decades 😀 it’s really hard. (so I’m thinking that how hackers are cracks big company websites. they put cheap passwords :p)

ilovehacking ◄ !L0v3H4ck!nG
easiest I use from last 3 years pqrs2468srqp@$^* (really its take 16 billion years)

Tip 2: Use movie dialog, small quote with number.

create dialog on easily adding some number for example i,1,a,4,e,3,s,5

Main marne ke liye nahi peeta … peene ke liye marta hoon

This quote then becomes select the first letter only: Mmk1nppk1mh (412 years)

Tip 3: use space sometimes.  example: yahoo!Google486  (416 trillion years)  

So above three little tips help me and you to secure your passwords till your full life. We hope you like this tips and aware how you secure your passwords. share with friends with your friends.


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