Manage Windows 10 Quick Access

In Windows 10’s File Explorer, make long long quick access panel, Its seems similar like windows 8 favorite menu or nothings. where you can pin your favorite folder called, “quick access” so automatically add recently or popular files and folder in this list make your panel long like elastic .let’s manage windows 10 quick access, watch this video or read post.

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Change how File Explorer opens


By default, File Explorer now opens to your Quick Access change that in few clicks.

  1. open a File Explorer window, go to View>>Options .
  2. Open File Explorer to and then a drop-down choose This PC. Next time You see File Explorer open from This PC.











Remove recently used files and frequently used folders from Quick Access

1-remove-recently-used1.  go to view menu>>Options button.
2. General tab>>go to Privacy Section.
3.uncheck the boxes that say Show recently used files in Quick access and Show frequently used files in Quick access
4. click Clear next to Clear File Explorer history

If you only want to hide a few specific recently used files or frequently used folders (I won’t ask why), open the Quick Access folder and find the file/folder you want to hide. Right-click the file or folder, and you’ll see an option to Hide from recent or Hide from frequent. Click this to remove the file or folder from the list.

Add/pin a file/folder to Quick Access

  1. dragging and dropping a file to the Favorites section.
  2. Right-click the file, and then click Pin to Quick Access.
  3. Open that folder then go to home menu and then click Pin to Quick Access.

Remove/unpin a file/folder from Quick Access

  1. 1-unpin-quick-accessgo to  quick access>>right-click that folder you want to remove>>click Unpin from Quick Access.










We hope you like that time saving tips. So have you tried it.? any thing new please comment us.. we will ready for read you reply thank you bye.


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