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[part-3] 10 Words from Computer Dictionary

computer dictionary section

  1. ransomware: malware run by hacker who take over your pc and files demand a payment to release it.
  2. registry: The part of windows, that store info on all hardware and software, installed in your computer, the registry can easily edited via tweak and incorrect changes also make damage your pc.
  3. root: the perform tasks on android device that are not allowed by the manufacturer.
  4. SIM: subscriber identity module the smart card used by all digital mobile phone. the simcard is user identity and phone number accessing the network.
  5. SLR: single lens reflex. a type of camera in which same lens is used for viewing subject in the view finder and taking picture.
  6.  WebGL: a method for displaying 3d and 2d graphic inside your web browser by using java script instead of a plug in such as flash
  7. Wizard: step by step process that helps your choose settings.
  8. Torrent: a file that  can be downloeded using torrent client software. this method generally faster than normal download. which provides a direct connection to other PCs running the software anywhere. torrent file are not illegal but record and film companies claim many are illegal copies of copyright protected materials.
  9. WMA: windows media audio. by Microsoft.
  10. white balance: adjusts the balance of colors in image to make them took more natural.


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