Turn Windows PC/ Laptop Into Wifi HotSpot Free

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Turn Windows PC/ Laptop Into Wifi HotSpot Free

Are you paying for extra device in Air Bus or Plan, Or Paying for extra data pack? , even you have dongle, or Brodband connection.

You can connect your to Wifi Connection and use your Internet Connection easily using WiFi HotSpot Technology. Even No matter If you have no Wifi Router(But Need Laptop That Have WiFi Functionality). you can make laptop WINDOWS INTO WiFi hotspot and connect all mobile devices via it. This way you can save little bit money .

In This Post, you learn How to share Internet Connection Via Create Virtual WiFi HotSpot using MyWiFiRouter.

What is MyWiFiRouter

MyWiFiRouter(Download Link) turns your PC into router and shares the internet that available in laptop. This way you can connect mobile devices to the internet without connect to any router. You can create but you have to use command line parameters to create and start the connection without any software but its lengthy.

How to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using MyWiFiRouter?

If you installed the MyWiFiRouter,When you open its connect its inbuilt wifi connection, You can Change WiFi Password,SSID easily just stop WiFi Connection, and change it. Simple. See Screenshot or Video.

How to Connect Wifi HotSpot Using MYWifiRouter


5 Best Functionality from other Software Like That is:

  1. Easy to Create A Secure and Free WiFi Hotspot
    Just 3 steps:

    1. Download& Install My WIFI Router
    2. Input a special hotspot name and passwords
    3. Start! Now you create an individual secure wifi hotspot on your laptop. Supporting Windows XP, 7 & 8 System.
  2. Share Internet Connections
    share single internet connection Like LAN, Ethernet, Data-Card, 3G/4G, Wifi for Mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, android phones,PDAs, iPad.
  3. Display and Manage Connected Devices
    It is clear and easy to get the details of the connected device ((Name, Ip Address, Mac Address)),
    and also manage the devices:

    1. Black it;
    2. Release it;
    3. Limit the Network Speed
  4. Free to Share Videos over WiFi
    Easy to play your computer’s videos on other devices, everybody can control the video broadcast speed individually.

  5. Extends your WiFi range
    Extend the range of your home or office Wi-Fi with just a few clicks.

how to connected to Mobile Devices to MyWiFiRouter

So what actually happening in it? It  creates the connection the same way you had to create from command line but with some additional settings in a virtual adapter. This way, it gives us an easy way GUI to create the Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you are hoping for a way to access internet over Wi-Fi without a router, MyWiFiRouter is the best option for you.

it’s so simple, Try it Now? .

Let us Know what you think about MyWiFiRouter by leaving your comment below.

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