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vivaldi- web browser beat all [browser] by Opera baby

Opera web browser  the former CEO and co-founder John von Tetzchner ,  Opera and that’s why the new web browser Vivaldi has been developed.its look like windows 10 new web browser spartan.Vivaldi provide all classic and new features.

Vivaldi is under Technical Preview released right now.   Vivaldi =Opera+Chrome+Extrafeature

  • Classic Status bar
  • Colored tabs which change their color on website,
  • move tab bar to top/bottom/left/right or completely hide
  • Small sidebar panel :bookmarks, downloads, contacts,notes,etc
  • Full bookmarks manager with speed dial saving
  • Mouse gestures(not available right now)
  • Quick commands to search and run commands
  • Built-in email client (not available)
  • Notes, bookmarks, history and session sync feature (not available)
  • Extensions  chrome opera(not available)
  • Opera’s tab stacking feature
  • Opera’s speed dial feature

It can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It uses Chromium used by Chrome and Opera. download it using following link: vivaldi browser download link


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