3 Must Know Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About

Youtube Exposed some URL hacks on demand like -playing videos on repeat, downloading them, automatically enabling HD mode, and more.
you’ll also need to know when to turn to third-party tools and YouTube hacks.

3 Must Know Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About

  • Repeat YouTube Videos

    it’s not surprising that many people use YouTube to play music. If there’s a song you really want to listen to, it can be annoying having to constantly Alt+Tab back to the YouTube window and hit the play button again every time it stops. YouTube doesn’t provide a built-in way of setting a video to play on repeat.

    websites to repeat a YouTube video, such as youtuberepeater.com.
    Steps 1 :  Find your video on youtube
    Steps 2 : Type “repeater” between Youtube and .com

    Steps 3: Press Enter. Finish

  • Download YouTube Videos

    YouTube doesn’t want you downloading their videos, so there isn’t a download button on YouTube. But there are good reasons you might want to download YouTube videos – perhaps
    you live in an area with a spotty internet connection and
    you want to download them to view at your own leisure, or
    watch them offline during airplane flights without an Internet connection.
    To download a YouTube video, One convenient one is pwnyoutube.com

    Steps 1 :  Find your video on youtube
    Steps 2 : n the URL location box, type “pwn”in front of Youtube.com, and enter.

    Steps 3: Press Enter. Finish
    Same this you can use en.saveform.net website instead of “pwn” use of “ss”
    (Expert Only)
    STEP 4 : Drag the link below to your Bookmarks Bar.

                                 bookmarklet link:  PwnYouTube

    Step 5:  You See List of download different quality..

  • Automatically Play Videos in HD Quality

    To automatically play videos back in HD mode, you can install a browser extension. Whenever you start watching a video, the browser extension will do the dirty work, automatically enabling your preferred HD video quality setting for you.
    Chrome users can use Auto HD for YouTube,
    while Firefox users can use the YouTube High Definition browser extension.

    Do you have any other YouTube URL hacks and tricks to share? Leave a comment and share them!


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